Kaytee Exact Rainbow Parrot & Conure Food


Omega 3’S To Support Brain And Heart Health
Enhances Skin & Feather Health For Vibrant, Healthy Plumage
Prebiotics And Probiotics To Support Digestive Health



Size:20 lb

Kaytee exact Rainbow Parrot and Conure food is a premium extruded food and has been the recognized nutritional leader by avian nutritionists, veterinarians and breeders since its introduction over 25 years ago. Each nugget contains “exact nutrition” ensuring your bird gets exactly the right nutrition to produce better feathering, brighter colors and care for excellent health. exact Rainbow is 100% consumable with no seed hulls or shells for less mess. Kaytee understands that sharing your life with a pet bird is not only enjoyable but very enriching. Kaytee shows our love by ensuring we provide your pet bird with the most productive nutrition for a long and healthy life. With over 150 years of avian nutritional experience, it’s no wonder why Kaytee is at the heart of every healthy feeding routine. Converting to exact Rainbow When changing to a new food or diet, birds require time to adjust. It’s endorsed to slowly mix the “old” with the “new” until the birds are accustomed to the new diet as directed below. For best results, limit the portion of food to be had to the suggested feeding amount. After 21 days feed exact food only – your bird must be completely converted. Observe your bird closely to verify it is eating exact food and not on the lookout for its “old” food. A color change in the droppings (to a brown or reddish-brown color) must be evident with successful conversion. Conversion time may vary. For more details or questions on conversion visit the Kaytee website. Feeding Instructions Feed exact Rainbow food on a daily basis in a clean food cup following guidelines below. Adjust to the bird’s actual needs and spillage. Provide a clean, fresh supply of water daily. exact Rainbow food is designed to be the bird’s sole diet. Limit additional foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables or other treats to 20% of the bird’s total diet. When used as directed, no additional vitamin or mineral supplements are really helpful.

Omega 3’S To Make stronger Brain And Heart Health
Enhances Skin & Feather Health For Vibrant, Healthy Plumage
Prebiotics And Probiotics To Make stronger Digestive Health
100% Consumable Extruded Nutrition With No Shells Or Seed Hulls
Naturally Preserved For Ideal Freshness