Alfie Pet – Joseph Natural Wood Perch 5-Piece Set for Birds


This is a set of 5. Measures 7″L x .75″H.
The nice perch that provides excellent foot exercise.
Made of natural wood ,safe for your pet.




Why my bird need toys?
Toys will have to be plentiful and alternated. Toys are what is going to occupy the bird through the largest a part of the day even as the owners are gone. Check the toys daily for damage. Rotating the toys every several days to a week will help keep the bird interested in the toys. A bored bird is at high risk for behavioral and health problems. Finding toys that are favorites will entail trial and error. Try all kinds so long as they are protected. Locate the toys where they are easily accessible to the bird, e.g., at the end of perches. Foraging toys require birds to work for their food, giving much-needed mental stimulation, and providing a way of feeding that more closely resembles what the bird would do in the wild.

How will have to I place the Perch?
When placing perches, locate one by the food and water dishes, one by the toys, and the concrete perch elsewhere in the cage for grooming. Do not inhibit bird movement or cause damage to the feathers as the bird moves around the cage. Perches will have to be placed so the bird’s tail will not touch the side of the cage when the bird is sitting on the perch. Avoid placing perches directly over food and water dishes.

Cleaning and Maintenance tips
For your pets own safety, we recommend you to clean the toys once per week. For the wood products, brush them with vinegar and water mix (1 cup of white vinegar with 1 gallon of water), some natural branches and cement perches can be more difficult to clean since they have more crevices. Wire brushes can be utilized to clean soiled areas, and then the perch can be disinfected as described above. Allow to dry in the sun thoroughly before they are placed back in the cage. Avoid scented disinfectants and those containing pine oils. Plastic toys can be cleaned with soft bristle toothbrush; if heavily soiled, they too can be disinfected, rinsed, and dried. Rope, clothesline, and cloth can be washed, or simply replaced.

This can be a set of 5. Measures 7″L x .75″H.
The nice perch that provides excellent foot exercise.
Made of natural wood ,protected for your pet.
Sturdy and perfect resting platform for the bird to just sit, loosen up and sleep.
Securely attaches to cage with a built-in bolt and wing nut.